Manufacturing Process

The Main Metals for manufacturing Bell Metal Singing Bowls and Gongs are: HIGH PURITY COPPER and TIN.
The Copper and Tin Metal along with other Metals are Melted and alloyed in a Graphite Crucible, put in a Coke Fired Furnace. The Bowls made out of this alloy, special Bell Metal, has a excellent Tonal quality which produces Singing sound on beating or rubbing.

The Bell Metal, when ready in furnaces is cast in shape of hemispheres which are used for manufacturing Singing Bowls and Gongs by Hot and Cold beating by HAND by traditional artisians.
In general, these Artisans are of Black Smiths Community and have inherited thier techniques in traditional way for generations. One such traditional village has been adopted by us for last several years who are working under our supervision and guidance.

In thier Black Smiths Shops they have Coal Fired Pit – hearth furnace in which they put the hemispherical shape of casting and once it becomes red hot, they take it out from furnace and start beating by hammer to give a particular shape. This process of putting the piece in furnace to make it red hot and beating hard is repeated for several times and once the final shape is achieved, they quench it in water for next process of cold beating by Iron hammer and then by wooden hammer. Now, the Bowls or Gongs are ready for scraping to make it ready for next finishing process. After final finishing the Bowls are passed through ageing process to get Dull, Antique finishing or Shining finish